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Caption Competition Page 2

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Oh good, no one around, I'll just turn around and let one rip











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Your corner weights are all wrong! Now if I just stand here it’ll be beautifully balanced through Honda    

Or  ... These are a lot easier to push than those Ford Sierras.

Or  . Andy Williams (yawn) Ken's giving large again, but he wont catch me!  

Or you need a hand with the rolling start?

Or ..I'll hold on, see if you can get this bike thing to wheelie

Or -..  Ken road tests new motorised zimmer frame 

Or  .. And this bit is made from a Tescos’ shopping trolley 

Or  .. I am all for these motorised shopping trolleys




June gridwalk8.jpg (120245 bytes)

With a number plate like this I dont need an anti-theft device- U toucha my car - I breaka your face!

or - andy advises the group it's not worth the trip to the ice cream van at the back of the grid!







June gridwalk12.jpg (110728 bytes)

Look if he tries to overtake, just let him through. We've got to encourage the young lad.

Or So what the best way to open the door?

Or - ha! that's the nearest any of those three will get to 32 again!