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WRDA member Albert Llewellyn reports on the 2008 Sema Las Vegas Show. the USA equilvent of the Autosport Show      (& shows us he's got a good eye for a nice chassis with some nice pics of the exhibits!)

Since 1967, the Specialty Equipment Market Association has produced the SEMA Show -- one of the world’s premier automotive accessories trade events. The annual affair, held the first week in November in Las Vegas, serves the $38 billion automotive specialty-equipment industry, which enables consumers to personalize and enhance a vehicle’s appearance, performance and comfort. The Show has also become well known for models of the ‘female’ persuasion that grace many of the exhibits. In the beginning the Show had 98 booths and 3,000 attendees. Today the mammoth undertaking is housed at the Las Vegas Convention Center and takes up more than one million square feet of space! This year more than 2,000 exhibitors showcased their wares, and an estimated 125,000 industry professionals and journalists from over 100 countries were in attendance, some making the annual pilgrimage to view new products or get a glimpse at new trends developing in the marketplace.

The Welsh Racing Drivers Association had at least one member in attendance with Albert working as a media relations consultant for both AT&T and RaySat Broadcasting on the unveiling of AT&T CruiseCast -- a compact new item designed to bring in-car satellite television to vehicles in the continental United States.

A record 15 automakers representing 32 nameplates also exhibited at SEMA Show, and many took the opportunity to debut new vehicles and accessorized models. This year the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro was the official vehicle. Outside the convention center, nearly 1,000 over-the-top showcars spilled into the parking lots to display incredible performance products and glitzy accessories that inspire today’s ‘Tuner’ generation.

SEMA is a non-profit trade association composed of more than 7,350 member companies. Because the SEMA Show is designed for manufacturers to showcase their products and connect with buyers, the event is a trade-only shindig with passes available just to those working in the automotive industry. But if you ever find yourself in Las Vegas the first week of November, you might want to ask around and see who is willing to part with their pass -- or maybe try to slip in on the Show’s final day.

Eco Jet 1: Only US manufacturers would create an eco-friendly jet car
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Golden Sub: The Golden Sub is a one-of-a-kind creation

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Hot Rod: An awesome engine, but the sunroof isn't aero efficient
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Indy Car 2: Danica Patrick's Indy Car Indy Car 2.jpg (147943 bytes)

Kit Car: This car has no badge, but it doesn't need one

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Motorcycle or Car ?: The future of three-wheelin'
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Nissan GTR: An awesome example of Nissan's GTR
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