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2008 Welsh Saloon & Sports Car Championship

April feedback

HI All,  Well what a weekend, I hope that is our red flag quota for the season. Despite the unfortunate incidents I got the feeling everyone enjoyed themselves and there was some good racing through out the field. The entry of 22 on the Saturday was the biggest grid of the weekend, A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL. I think this shows that the championship will go from strength to strength.

The rolling starts went well even when Rhys set off after the pace car before the green flag was waved.

Unfortunately we lost a few people for Sunday, Ken due to damage. Nigel with a broken gearbox in his Marcos, Paul had some sort of malady with his Rover, Keith with a chronic misfire in his Nissan and Jason who was committed to a rally but after his superb performance on Saturday, I think would have loved to have been out on Sunday.

So thats all for now gals and guys so if you have any comments or questions about the weekend please get back to me, love to hear your comments. Top BARC management are impressed in the turn around of the championship fortunes, so lets keep it up.  Cheers and again thanks. Alan

Thanks Alan, And thank you all (fellow drivers) for making the weekend what it was, without you it would not have been what it was. I appreciate that we will not all be able to enter every race for one reason or another but we have to keep up the effort, after all the racing can only stay close provided we all enter. I hope you all enjoyed the new format, for me (and I apologise sincerely for not being able to get the car off the circuit, which caused the red flag on Sunday morning). I had a great race starting from the back of the grid...don't get me wrong I don't want to do it all the time, but at least to have the 3rd race gave me a chance to race again. I am sure that it was great for you too...(well most) Sorry Nige..

As Alan said...well done everyone...and we look forward to seeing you on May 10th and 11th. Try and get your entries in as soon as possible .. otherwise you will be hounded by Mr Jenkins.

Mike Woods WRDA Chairman

Great pics from April  here. Worth mentioning that Oliver Read Motorsport Photography has not only these but also may have pics of individual competitors cars. They can contact him at or 0794 6534425 to buy them.

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