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2012 WRDA  News

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The Pembrey Festival of Motor Sport was a roaring success with plenty of on track action.
Plenty of action + Martin let son Jason have a go. He may think twice after seeing Jason get up on two wheels
Hi All,
For those of you who couldn't make the Pembrey Motor Sport Festival, you missed a great weekend even if the weather on Sunday
did its best to subdue things. Having 4 20 minute sessions each day gave everyone plenty of test time.
Phil in his briefing stressed it was under general testing conditions so overtaking was allowed
so I think a few people really enjoyed themselves.
The feedback from every one was very positive as there were other things to look at when not on track.
I think the event will be organised for next year.
We had 23 entries which was fantastic so it shows the WSSCC is well on the way to becoming a “ must do championship”.
The message I am trying to get across is that with good support and big numbers we can do what we want but also we need you to get
your entries in early so we can plan. We need to get rid of the late entry culture of entering in the week before the meeting.
We need entries in 2 weeks before the meeting.
I understand that people sometimes are not certain if they can make it, so please enter and then withdraw when you find
you cant make it with full rebate it is easier that way.
I think the message about early entries is getting through as we now have 8 paid entries for August
with another 5 promised after last weekend.
 So if you are not one of those please get your entry in asap.
Huw Morgan very generously agreed to set up pages on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
These social networking sites are very important to promote the Championship and the WRDA. So a very big thank you to Huw.
The Facebook page is up and running so all please look at it and use it. The link is;
These pages really do promote the Championship I have noticed this with OSS.
For me the highlight of the weekend was a ride with Graham Hollis in his Mk2 Escort over the rally stage.
As you all know I am always going on about Graham’s skills and type of driving which thrills me so much.
So Saturday afternoon Graham said there is a crash helmet, find some overalls and I will take you out.
Well have you ever seen an over weight 62 year old sprinting down the paddock?
Not a pretty sight I can tell you. Thanks to Ernie Preece I acquired some marshals overalls and went hot foot back to Graham.
Come the allotted time I got in the car, heart racing at the experience to be unfolded.
I had trouble with the seat harness but Jason came to help, not certain that his comment “ you are a big lump “
was meant to be complimentary but true. However I couldn't care as I knew I was in for a thrill of a lifetime.
Well the seat harness was a problem but better not say in print how we over came it, after all I am a Clerk of Course
and know about these things.
Well time for the off, a gentle ride down pit lane to the start, but my big size 11 boot was on the horn button.
Now my 1959 Ford Popular had a horn button on the floor with a dip switch I didn't think a modern sophisticated rally car would have one also.
Thinking about it so logical. Suitably informed by Graham I removed said big foot from the horn.
We then arrived at the start. The light went green and we were off.
To be honest I cant remember any more to write about just to say Graham is a Master of his craft.
I was trying to look where we were going plus watch what he was doing. Feet dancing on the pedals
and complete coordination with steering brake gears. To sum it up awesome fantastic amazing enjoyable I can go on!
Graham many may thanks I am still grinning and will be for weeks to come. i will be your first passenger next year.
So all for now guys, but as closing comment the WSSCC is well on the way up and thats all down to you guys.
Keep it up and we will have a Championship second to none in the UK

P.s Those of you who haven't sent your entry in for August 5/6th can you do so ASAP. 
As I do this in my spare time your help to get your entries in,  is well appreciated. I know August is a good time off
but with the growing interest in the championship,  the message I am trying to give is, the Championship is on the up.
It is attracting a lot of local interest so get your entries in early for August to have a great day of good cheap racing and lots of fun.
If you raced in April your credit is £130 so you can if you want cash that in against your August entry.
Or you can let it build up for October and have a very low level entry fee and still earn a good credit. It's your choice.
Cheers Alan

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