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2012 WRDA News

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Roberts' Ramblings

In the quiet period since the last round of the Welsh Championship, there was time for some holidays which coincided with a few sunny days and I had a chance to catch up with Tim Davies, one of the founding members of the WRDA.
Tim dominated Formula Ford 2000 (the Formula Renault of it's day) in the early 1980's, and won the first major championship, the 1983 British Formula Ford 2000 Championship, for Adrian Reynard, and in doing so became only the 2nd Welshman to win a British title. (the other was Jack Lewis way back in the 1950s).

Tim is doing well with his garage business at Felin Fach in between Lampter & Aberaeron and has returned to racing in Historic Racing with a classis Mk1 Lotus Cortina, alongside several other names from the past, Neil Brown & Richard Dutton, both of whom have links to todays crop of Welsh racers.

Back in 1985 Tim moved up with Reynard into Formula 3, driving for the Swallow Team run by financier Tim Sparkes. However despite leading several races and getting on the podium several times, Tim was unceremoniously dumped by Sparkes just before the British Grand Prix, but then linked with Dutton's team for the event. Famously Sparkes then bet Dutton £200 that his driver, would finish in front of Tim. In the event Tim did the business and Sparkes had to hand over the £200 to Dutton! I took a photo of it at the time but I cant find it a present.  Tim's F3 career, from 1985 to 1987, shows that although he lead several races and achieved several podium places, a win eluded him. However it was during that period of 1983 to 1987 that he formed links with engine builder Neil Brown, and team owner Richard Dutton.  Coming more up to date Neil Brown supplied the engines for modern day WRDA members and Welsh racers Hywel Lloyd and Andy Meyrick during the early part of their F3 careers, and Richard Dutton runs the Fortec team which supplies the Formula Renault car for Seb Morris!

Tim circa 1986 (Photo Rob Allender)