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The Welsh Racing Drivers Assocation

 The Early Years  - 1981 to 1983 -The Welsh Racing Drivers Assocation - Its formation & the quest to bring back motor racing to Wales

Pembrey Phase 2 1983 to 1989 - Llanelli Borough Council apply apshalt to the surface making the circuit at Pembrey a reality!

Pembrey Phase 3 1989 onwards - Pembrey as a MSA licensed race circuit becomes a reality!

With the track now having an MSA track licence, on 21st May 1989 the first ever Pembrey raceday was held (Organised for Llanelli Borough Council by BARC)

   June 1989 letter from Llanelli Borough Council  letter re Pembrey  Later  the council decided to put the management of the circuit out to tender with Howard Strawford (BRSCC)  and BARC in the running to take over the track as tenants. In the end the BARC was successful.  


The new track would became very popular as a race circuit & testing venue, although initally the faculties were rudimentary, including an army type ridge tent that served as a Scrutiny Bay! However at the time, there was no real way of securing the centre ridge pole to the ground, and any gust of wind would lift the tent and cause it to collapse on the occupants, whose heads then appeared poking out from the top of the collapsed tent in an extremely comic fashion!


   BARC, once they had become the tenants, embarked on a period of investment to put modern facilities in place! March 1990 prog shows their initial plans!  WRDA  minutes 1987-88-89 Minutes re Pembrey .PDF

  1989 Pembrey programmes

21st May 1989- 1st Pembrey races programme (Organised for Llanelli Borough Council by BARC)  

Pembrey race meeting results Race 2 result.PDF


11th June '89 - 1st BRSCC Pembrey meeting Results - 1st BRSCC Pembrey.PDF

  2nd July 1989 Barc Pembrey races with Ginger Marshall & Ben Bowlby of DeltaWing fame in the Special Saloons. Ben built Gingers unique needle-nose U2 which Ginger used in the WSSCC in 2006/7/8 and the DeltaWing was driven by Andy Meyrick in America in 2013 & at Sebring in 2014).

  Also Kelvin Burt & David Coulthard raced in the Formula Ford Junior race in Coulthards 1st season of racing!

   6th Aug 1989 Programme for Barc Pembrey races with Nick Spence & David Dudley both of whom would feature again later in the Archives

  20th Aug 1989 Progamme for Barc Pembrey races with Blake Edwards & Brian Chatfield & many Welsh F Ford drivers having their first races at Pembrey.  

  Blake was WSSCC champion in 1990 & 91


Other items - at the first race meeting on 21st May 1989, sadly a competitor by the name of Malcolm Riches died after having heart attack in the paddock.