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Julian Westwood


Julian, from Cardiff, was the son of the founder of Datamatic computer consumables  & software company. Julian was one of many talents to emerge from the white-hot 1980s British single-seater scene (according to his Team Parker page)

A race winner in Formula Ford 1600 and in 1981 Formula Ford 2000 along with Paul Stewart (son of Sir Jackie) and Neil Robertson (see Phil Kempe). News cuttings - Julian Westwood 1988 F F 2000


In 1989 Julian had a season in Formula 3 with a Ralt RT34, as team-mate to Alain Menu. Neither driver won any races, but Menu later became a BTCC Saloon Car ace with Prodrive. (Alvin Powell has his car)

In 1990 Julian switched to a Reynard chassis run by Swallow Racing (see the Tim Davies archive), but it was the year of Mika Hakkinen, who later to become a double World Champion. Later in the year Julian went to New Zeland for the Formula Atlantic Tasman Championship, with a Swift chassis. (I always thought New Zeland was in the Pacific!) However the Championship was dominated by local driver Gil Baird and his Reynard chassis, although Julian did run him close. Paul Radisch was also a race winner too. (Alvin Powell has his Ford Mondeo too!)


In 1991 Julian competed in the British F3000 Championship at a time when it meant something (with an ex-Damien Hill Lola) winning the last race at Donington Park after a fantastic race-long 3 car duel, taking the Raymond Mays Trophy for the Drive of the Year at Donington, and finished third in the championship. Julian Westwood - 1991 British F3000 Championship programmes-report and Photo gallery



In 1992 Julian, having competed in FF 2000 for Van Dieman, he was selected to debut the works F3 Van Dieman, taking it out to run in the Japanese Championship as well. 


He then tried a season in the Renault Spider Championship, (finishing second to Andreas Bellichi) but Julian then went on to win the 1997 Vauxhall Vectra V6 Championship, and impressed in BTCC test drives.



He later re-appeared  a reality TV racing series, the 2003 SEAT Cupra Cup, before he joined Team Parker Racing in 2004. http://www.teamparkerracing.co.uk/ as a race engineer, and sometimes as a racer in GT3 sportscars.


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