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Phil Kempe F3 1982 & 1985

Having won the Formula Ford Star of Tomorrow series Phil then then had a short series of races in Formula 3 in the ground effect Ralt RT3 run by Eddie Jordan, with sponsorship from local transport firm Hicks International. However a bout of Glandular Fever didn't help him and chance had seemingly passed him by.Phil Kempe 1982 F3 preview Phil Kempe 1982 cuttings  Phil Kempe 82 British GP preveiw


Later from his work at the Brands Hatch racing school he was to introduce Steve Robertson to racing, and was fortunate to get sponsorship from the Robertson's for a season in F3 in 1985 as a contemporary of Tim Davies, driving a Ralt RT30 with the Intersport team. In the early season the Ralt chassis was no match to the Reynard's, but some work by Ron Taurnac and the design team at Ralt turned the table, and Phil had a good run of points scoring in the mid-season.  

Phil Kempe 1985 cuttings    1985_late_reports.PDF


The last time I saw Phil was many years ago in the Letterston chip shop 'Somethings Cooking' as he was set to view some property in Pembrokshire in his role as a property developer.